Choco’s People

NFT collection "Choco People". Buy and collect.

Original collection created in early May 2022 by the artist @ChocoMan. The 8 000 generated and unique characters live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Choco’s People are randomly generated 2D NFT Social Avatars for your online experiences. Some appear normal. Some look weird. Some are just damn cool!

370+ Traits
10% royalties

* Original works will be hand drawn and will be added to the collection gradually. This will certainly take a significant amount of time, but at the same time, it will make the collection truly unique, with many rare pieces.

Story of Choco’s People

Great story of liberation.

Only word speaks to our hearts.

1 My story starts right now. From it you will learn about the heroes of Chocoville, their fears and secrets. You will meet the Choco family, which will become home to many…

2 2030 allowed humanity to make a new technological revolution. We plunged headlong into virtual worlds, completely forgetting about real communication. People almost completely stopped talking to each other live.

3 The light in the optical fiber replaced the light in each other’s eyes.

4 «Quick pleasures» became the poison that poisoned people’s minds. They could be easily obtained, but they didn’t save from the void. Looking at the screens of mobile devices, we lived other people’s lives, completely forgetting about our own.

5 People stopped reading anything that was longer than 280 characters and that required at least some mental effort from them. And this happened despite the fact that humanity had access to a huge amount of information.

6 Chocoville remained that small, godforsaken place deep in the mountains. Local residents led their traditional calm lifestyle here, which was alien to ordinary residents of megacities. But soon everything will change and the calm life in Chocoville will begin to move…

7 But before we dive into the essence of the story, let’s take a closer look at the place where the Choco Family lives.

8 Despite the fact that their house was located on a small hill in the very center of the city, the area around was a quiet and cozy place with its own unique atmosphere.

9 The house was located between two streams and a five-minute walk from a bright green meadow with wildflowers. There were century-old oak trees behind the house and children from all over the village liked to frolic under their shade on hot sunny days.

10 There was no dense residential development in Chocoville, as in large cities located far beyond the mountains. Anthills weren’t to the liking of the locals. They valued completely different things, among which there was certainly no career growth and mortgages.

11 Here every resident could easily build a house for himself and live in it all his life. There were enough resources for everyone. The water in the local rivers was so clean that you could drink it without fear for your health. «Idyll?» you ask. «Yes,» I will answer.

12 Far away beyond the mountains was a huge city called Imperiapolis. It was inhabited by ordinary, unremarkable people, hard workers who, in addition to moving up the career ladder, just wanted to be happy.

13 Day after day, doing the same monotonous work, they believed that they were changing the world for the better. But their lives either stood still or went downhill.

14 They believed that the meaning of life was technological progress, but the further they went, the more difficult their situation became.

15 At first they thought that having learned to overtake the fastest animals, they would live better, but it turned out quite the opposite — they only poisoned the air and water around them.

16 They thought that by learning to fly like birds, they would become closer to God, but by destroying the ozone layer, they brought new troubles upon themselves. There was no question of any lofty morality.

17 They only respected one thing. Power of money and its influence. Only bundles of bills stood on the pedestal of their respect. That’s how they were taught from childhood.

18 But it was all a lie. It was a system imposed by the elders. It was beneficial to them, they wanted everyone to respect this system. Many in their hearts, of course, guessed the truth, but could not do anything about it. Alone in the field is not a warrior.

19 Imperiapolis was ruled by old men for a long time, completely forgetting about honor and dignity. They didn’t respect their neighbors and oppressed them in every way, imposing «their truth» and a view of the world.

20 The elders, as the residents called them, were mired in squabbles and showdowns. From year to year, they came up with various ways to control the population over and over again. Viruses, crises, wars — everything was in motion.

21 In an attempt to achieve their goals, they didn’t shy away from using even the dirtiest and most terrible techniques. It couldn’t go on like this forever. The system malfunctioned and led the whole community step by step to imminent death.

22 Somewhere in Imperiapolis:

— Howdy man! We live in complete chaos! Look at the gray clouds in the sky! Our air smelled of rats and old dogs. What’s my mood like? Lousy!

23 — What could be worse than my hysterical and eternally dissatisfied boss? Are you saying that people live better somewhere? No, I don’t believe you and I’m not going anywhere. In two weeks I will have another credit card payment. Forget our conversation…

to be continued…