Choco’s golden treasures

Choco's Golden Treasures. NFT collection.


Choco’s golden treasures — digital modernism. Aesthetic in each color, line and texture.

DROP: 8 February 2023 (32 SOLD — Buy Now!)

Collection on Opensea, Looksrare and

3535 Auto Generated NFT

60 Traits


7% royalties

Blockchain: Ethereum

About the collection

The creation of images for this collection took place in several stages. I used mixed media. At the first stage, I created different variations of the layers, using a random distribution of color and size for each element. To do this, I used special scripts in Adobe Illustrator.

My images are either six layers or five or four.

  • Background
  • Layer with squares
  • Layer with squares with rounded corners
  • Layer with circles
  • Layer with lines
  • Layer with dots

At the final stages, I experimented with various textures and saw how it would look in the end. And at the very end, I used the special art engine to merge and shuffle the previously created layers to create this collection.